Based in the East Riding of Yorkshire


This is where it all started (even before PastSearch really existed), and this continues – looking for “hidden treasures” in the form of maps, photographs, articles, antiquarian discoveries and reports, which will help to reveal how people lived, and how the landscape has changed over the centuries.

Today with the existence of the internet, this information is becoming more easily accessible.

On This Day – highlights some the links to other websites which offer further information on a variety anniversary subjects, such as battles, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, as well as the “Firsts” (flight, English Channel swim, etc) – and many more.

PDF databases and books are also available to download resulting from some of the research carried out so far.


There  are a number of ways that PastSearch can offer an educational package – resourced from research and archaeological material.

Illustrated Talks, Workshops, Walking Tours, Courses.  These can be adapted to suit all age groups.

Archaeological Services

This is the newest phase for PastSearch, having started in 2013.  Mainly working in the York, and East Riding of Yorkshire areas .  See how PastSearch can help you if your planning application has received an archaeological condition.

Karen Adams

“How did I decide on the name for this business? Well from an early age I have been interested in looking at old documents such as photographs, maps and historical accounts – I was searching for information about the past (at that time particularly that concerning York) – so I simply turned the words around and joined them together – PastSearch

Karen Adams originates from York, a city full of history, and although had first thought of becoming an architect and adding to the future landscape, instead her career path lead her to archaeology in 1986.

During the 1990’s Karen created a programme of talks, walks, and workshops.  Working with schools, English Heritage and others interested in York’s history.

In 2001 she moved to the East Riding and worked as a freelance archaeologist.  Also setting up PastSearch to share information through the continuing programme of talks, walks, and workshops, as well as creating a website.

In 2013 Karen became an independent archaeological contractor offering a range of archaeological services in the York and East Riding of Yorkshire areas.

Karen is also working with the Holme-on-Spalding Moor Local History Society as they embark on their Community Archaeology Project.

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