HOSM History Society

HOSM Local History Society

The monthly meetings are held on the 3rd Monday  at the Social Club, Holme on Spalding Moor at 7.00pm

There will also be some practical sessions for archaeology and history and trips to various locations and museums.

2018 Programme

15 January – Elizabeth Fry, the Prison Reformer – Sharon Garner

19 February – Farming in East Yorkshire –  Guy Stephenson

19 March – The History of the Manor House and the Ashes, Howden – Susan Butler

16 April – The Real Barnard Clarkson Story – John Leake

21 May – Hats and Huts – Sue McGeever

18 June – Hull, City of Culture – Paul Schofield

16 July – Visit to Bielby Church

20 August – AGM & Community Archaeology Project – Karen Adams

17 September – Enigma – Phil Judkins

15 October – TBC

19 November – A New Chapter for Iron Age Cemetries in East Yorkshire – Burnby Lane, Pocklington – Paula Ware

12 December – No Meeting



Community Archaeology Project

PastSearch has been invited by the history society to work on a Community Archaeology Project.

Click this link to find out how this project is progressing.  Phase 1 – Test Pits started in 2014