Trial Trenches

13 - Trench 3, Pre Ex, 19 June 2015, 2015.013.CRE36 - Trench 1,  20 June 2015, 2015.013.CRE








Trial Trenches may be required for some development sites, if there is moderate potential for archaeological features to be encountered.  These trenches will be located, in association with requirements from the local Historic Environments Record Office, to obtain the required information.

This involves the monitoring and recording, by a small team of archaeologists, of each trench to a previously approved Written Scheme of Investigation (WSI).

Archaeological material collected during the on site monitoring will be analysed by specialists.

A report will then be produced which will include results of the monitored ground works, plans and section drawings, photographs and any required specialist assessments.

The report will then need to be sent to the local planning authority by the client/agent.

This report will also assist in providing information to determine positioning of dwellings etc, and/or mitigation procedures to protect discovered archaeological/heritage assets.

Therefore further archaeological monitoring may be required for the next development phase.

For more information  please contact Karen Adams