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Eboracum to York

Discover how the city of York has developed from its Roman origins to the present day

 The Romans established a fortress on an area of land between two rivers, the Foss and Ouse. It would have originally been built in timber, to be later replaced by a stronger more permanent stone structure. A civilian area (Colonia) was built on the opposite bank of the River Ouse, and although little of the fortress and colonia survives above ground today, archaeology has provided the opportunity to take a glimpse at how people lived and worked during this period of the city’s history.

This presentation also guides you through the consecutive periods (Saxon, Viking, Norman etc) through to the present day. Looking at the archaeological discoveries and the hidden secrets still to be found amongst the buildings.



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Karen Adams is an archaeologist and researcher, having worked in North Yorkshire and the East Riding for over 30 years.  It is this experience and interest which forms the basis of PastSearch’s Talks, Tours and Workshops.  CRB checked.