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GalYor1 York, Platform of Former York Station, 1997

York, Platform of Former Railway Station, 1997

This photograph shows the remains of one of the platforms from York’s second Railway Station, which was situated within the city walls.  It was taken looking through one of the archways which was created in the medieval walls for the locomotives to pass through, onto the main line.
This platform has now been removed and been replaced by a modern railway office building.

GalYor2 York, “Anglian Tower”, 2004

York, "Anglian Tower", 2004

The “Anglian Tower” is situated behind the City Library in Museum Street. It was given this name because it was believed to have been built in the Anglian period, however some historians now assign it to the earlier Roman period.


GalYor3 York, Clifford’s Tower

York, Clifford's Tower

The stone structure which can be seen in York today was built between 1245 and 1272, and was part of the York Castle.  It served as a garrison during the Civil War, and through to 1684 when a fire destroyed the interior, which may have been an act of sabotage, as the local nicknamed it ‘the mince pie’.