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Watching Brief

 23 - Looking East , 2015.019.WHW, 23 Nov 2015


A Watching Brief is the most frequently required archaeological condition to be included on the  Notice of Decision .

This involves the monitoring and recording, by an archaeologist, of all below ground / ground disturbance work (including access roads, foundations, services trenches, and fence posts) to a previously approved Written Scheme of Investigation (WSI).

The duration of the monitoring work, and number of site visits, will depend upon the length of time required for the ground works to be completed, as they often run in conjunction with each other.  However, only time spent on the project will be charged by PastSearch.

Archaeological material collected during the on site monitoring will be analysed by specialists.

report will then be produced which will include results of the monitored ground works, plans and section drawings, photographs and any required specialist assessments.

The report will then need to be sent to the local planning authority by the client/agent to fully discharge the set planning condition.

For more information  please contact Karen Adams