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Desk-Based Assessment (DBA)

Desk-based Assessment Desk-based Assessments can be a cost-effective way of assessing the potential for archaeological remains which may be present within the proposed development area and assess the possible impact that the proposed work will have on these remains.

These reports are compiled when the available information has been assessed.

A typical example will include results from historical documentation, aerial photographs, maps, borehole logs and previous achaeological work carried out in the local area.

A DBA is often requested before a planning decision is made, it can then be used to assist in the development of any required mitigation scheme.

If further archaeological work is required, which may take the form of a watching brief, monitored evaluation or, in some cases, an excavation, the DBA will also help with the locating the areas to be monitored, positioning of trenches and identifying features during any excavation requirements.

Alternatively the DBA may show there are no potential archaeological remains present within the development area, and therefore no further archaeological work would be required.


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